Viral discovery: 1955 beer bottle with plumber's message unearthed during home demolition

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.23 - 2023 12:27 PM CET

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
1955 beer bottle with plumber's message unearthed during home demolition.

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A Reddit user named 'Env-scientist' has shared a fascinating discovery that has captivated social media users.

While a home was being demolished, a beer bottle with a handwritten message from 1955 was found hidden behind a wall.

The hidden message

The message on the bottle reads,

"This bottle was put in here by the plumber on 3/25/55."

Photo: Reddit

The bottle serves as a time capsule, offering a glimpse into the lives and practices of people from decades ago.

It has also inspired others to share their own stories of hidden messages and unexpected discoveries, making it a viral sensation.

The Reddit post, which includes a picture of the bottle, has garnered close to 6,000 upvotes and numerous comments since it was shared.

The post has sparked a flurry of comments from people sharing their own experiences of finding hidden messages.

One user mentioned discovering a note from 1912 during a home remodel, while another recounted finding an envelope containing $10,000 in old $100 bills hidden above a door frame.

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