Watch: Pony Surprises Shoppers by Raiding Lidl's Veggie Section

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.25 - 2024 10:50 AM CET

Foto: Facebook
Foto: Facebook
Customers at a Lidl in Sintra got a surprise when an unexpected shopper trotted through the doors and made a beeline for the produce aisle.

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The sight of a large pony snacking on vegetables inside the store left many customers wide-eyed and speechless.

Lidl might be known for its attractive prices and fresh produce, but this kind of four-legged endorsement was beyond anyone’s expectations.

An Unusual Visitor Causes a Stir

Shoppers in the Sintra (Portugal) Lidl were treated to an unusual spectacle when a pony wandered into the store. Without hesitation, the animal headed straight for the vegetable section and started munching on the greens.

The bizarre event was caught on camera by a customer, and the video quickly went viral on social media.

(Check out the amusing clip below in the article.)

A Creative Solution

The Lidl staff acted quickly and resourcefully to deal with their unexpected guest.

One employee cleverly used carrots to lure the pony out of the store.

Thankfully, the tactic worked, and the pony calmly followed the trail of carrots out of the building.

The video of the pony’s escapade in Lidl has brought smiles to many faces, with people sharing their own funny animal encounters. It’s not every day you see a pony in a supermarket, but the staff’s calm and creative handling of the situation was commendable.

Questions remain about where the pony came from and how it ended up in the store, but Lidl has yet to comment on the incident.

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