Watch: Reporter Slaps Herself on Live Broadcast Trying to Fend Off Mosquito

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.05 - 2024 1:09 PM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Reporter Slaps Herself on Live Broadcast Trying to Fend Off Mosquito.

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Australian reporter Andrea Crothers became the subject of a viral video after inadvertently slapping herself while attempting to fend off a mosquito. Crothers, reporting for Australia’s The Today Show on the flooding in Brisbane, faced an unexpected challenge when a mosquito landed on her face during the live segment.

The video, shared by Crothers on Instagram with the caption highlighting the aggressive nature of Queensland mosquitoes, begins with The Today Show host Karl Stefanovic introducing the segment.

Stefanovic humorously sets the scene, noting the muggy conditions and the inevitable presence of bugs that come with such weather. He teases the audience with the upcoming clip where Crothers faces her tiny adversary on air.

As the footage rolls, viewers witness Crothers' reflexive attempt to swat the mosquito, resulting in a self-inflicted slap. The reporter then quickly exits the camera's view, leaving viewers and her colleagues amused by the unexpected turn of events.

The incident quickly captured the attention of social media users, turning the video into a viral sensation. In response to the widespread attention, Crothers shared a follow-up video where she humorously dons a netted veil, playfully suggesting it as a new wardrobe addition approved by HR to prevent future mosquito encounters—and self-inflicted injuries.

The caption of her post jests about HR’s conditional approval, provided she refrains from seeking worker’s compensation for hitting herself.

This light-hearted moment, amidst coverage of serious flooding in Brisbane, offered viewers a brief comedic respite and highlighted the unpredictable nature of live reporting.