Watch two youngsters bag £400,000 in gold Prime bottle challenge

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.13 - 2023 1:23 PM CET


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In a recent event that captured the attention of social media, two young boys in London made headlines by winning a £400,000 golden Prime bottle.

This extraordinary moment occurred during a competition launched by social media celebrities KSI and Logan Paul.

The challenge was created to celebrate the sale of one billion Prime drink bottles and involved two unique gold bars, molded in the shape of the Prime drink bottle, placed in London and New York.

The competition rules were simple: each participant had one chance to guess the correct six-digit code. Failure to guess the code within 48 hours would result in the gold bottles being melted.

As the deadline approached, a young boy dressed in a Pinewood FC kit successfully guessed the correct code in London, securing the one-of-a-kind prize.

Footage of the winning moment, shared by TikTok user @primeministertaz, showed the two boys at the machine as they keyed in the winning digits.

Their shocked and joyous reactions were accompanied by gold confetti cannons and a celebratory performance by KSI, who rapped his famous song 'Lamborghini' for the crowd in London.

Meanwhile, the unguessed bottle in New York was incinerated, leaving Logan Paul astonished and expressing his disbelief upon learning that the London bottle had been won.

He watched as the New York bottle melted, lamenting the loss of $250,000.

The competition, however, was not without its criticisms. Some individuals accused the event of being rigged and criticized KSI and Paul for the apparent wastage of $500,000 during a time of economic struggle for many.

Despite these controversies, the general feedback from fans was positive, with many congratulating the young winners for their windfall.

It's important to note that the value of the melted gold bottle was not lost, as the gold was simply melted into liquid form, retaining its monetary worth, albeit losing its unique Prime bottle shape.

Watch the unbelieveable video of the two boys winning £400,000 right here:

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