Wholesome video of cat and dog goes viral: Watch the cat's reaction when someone tries to pet the dog

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.24 - 2023 12:57 PM CET

Photo: X / Twitter
Photo: X / Twitter
Watch the cat's reaction when someone tries to pet the dog.

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In a delightful deviation from the typical cat-dog rivalry, a cat has recently gone viral for its protective behavior towards its canine friend.

The video, which was posted on social media, has garnered nearly half a million views and close to 18,000 likes since its upload in early October.

The footage begins with a dog sitting on the floor, its leg being hugged by a cat. Initially, the cat appears to be peacefully asleep. However, the moment a human hand reaches out to pet the dog, the cat springs into action. Using its paw, the feline pushes the human hand away, as if to say, "Do not touch."

The video has elicited a range of comments from viewers. One user humorously imagined the cat's thoughts, writing,

"Cat be like, 'No, my doggie. Mine'."

Another commented, "Go away, my puppy," while a third expressed, "Get back. He's mine. All mine. See, I even bit him and he just smiled. He loves me."

An unlikely friendship

The video not only showcases the cat's protective nature but also highlights an endearing friendship between the two animals.

One user summed it up perfectly, saying, "Aww such an adorably precious friendship of an adorably fluffy dog and an overprotective kitty."

Watch the wholesome video below