Woman Gets an Impulsive Friend Tattoo on Vacation: The Meaning Behind Leaves People in Stitches

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.08 - 2023 8:22 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
The Meaning Behind Leaves People in Stitches.

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Over a million social media users were left in stitches after tourist Caitlin Delphine showcased her tattoo on TikTok.

Being spontaneous on vacation is one thing, but deciding to get matching tattoos in a foreign language with a group of strangers is quite another. This is exactly what Caitlin Delphine, a solo traveler from Sweden who has visited 33 countries, did on her recent trip to Morocco.

According to Dagens.dk, Caitlin got tattooed along with two other tourists, where one decided to get a tattoo on the ankle, and the other got a matching one on the arm. On TikTok, Caitlin Delphine captioned her video: "POV: You get matching tattoos in Morocco with people you met ten days ago at a hostel. If you haven't stayed at a hostel, you definitely should try it!"

Caitlin's video has now been viewed over a million times, and for a good reason. The clip shows her new friend's Arabic tattoo, which she translates to English using Google Translate's camera function, Google Lens. To their amusement, it turns out they had 'mayonnaise' tattooed on their bodies. Yes, mayonnaise, the kind you usually dip your fries in.

The strangest part? This was not a tattoo mistake. "We were having lunch one day and talking about how beautiful the Arabic language is, especially when written," said Caitlin, adding, "We found a packet of mayonnaise and thought, 'Even mayonnaise is really beautifully written in Arabic.' So it became kind of an inside joke, and we ended up getting it as a tattoo."

Naturally, people in the comments loved it. "You'll never forget it in the store again. A permanent personal shopping list," joked one user. "I'm laughing out loud," said another, while a third wrote, "Mayonnaise? The stuff we eat? What kind of tattoo is this."

This humorous and unexpected tattoo story highlights the fun and unpredictability of travel and the lasting memories (and ink) it can leave behind.

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