Woman places a coin in her car door handle: Everyone will be surprised when they find out why

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.04 - 2023 8:15 AM CET

Photo: Dagens.com
Photo: Dagens.com
Everyone will be surprised when they find out why.

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Most people wouldn't think twice about a coin jammed in a car door handle, but it turns out there's a sinister reason behind it.

A woman recently revealed on social media what it means when you find a coin stuck in your car's door handle, and the revelation has left many people alarmed.

The video below will show you why

A simple coin with a dangerous purpose

You might not have ever noticed it, but a coin stuck in a car door handle is a sign that someone is planning to steal from your vehicle.

The woman explained that thieves place a coin in the door handle of the passenger seat. If you're driving alone, you're less likely to notice the coin.

Once you unlock your car and drive away, the thief follows you. When you park and lock your car again, the lock won't engage due to the coin jammed in the handle.

This gives the thief free access to your car and the opportunity to steal anything inside.

How to protect yourself

The best way to prevent this from happening is to always check the passenger door handle before driving. If you find a coin, remove it and consider contacting the police.

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