YouTuber's $400,000 Ferrari F8 engulfed in flames during cornfield stunt

Written by Fergus Hart

Aug.24 - 2023 9:11 AM CET

Photo: Youtube/WhistlinDiesel
Photo: Youtube/WhistlinDiesel
$400,000 Ferrari F8 engulfed in flames during cornfield stunt

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A daring stunt turned disastrous for YouTuber WhistlinDiesel, whose real name is Cody Detwiler, when his $400,000 Ferrari F8 caught fire during a high-speed run through a cornfield in Waco, Texas.

On a blistering 46C degree day, WhistlinDiesel and his team ventured into a cornfield to test the supercar's capabilities. Footage from the scene shows the Ferrari drifting and twisting, with debris collecting around the tires and grill.

The thrill quickly turned to terror as shouts of "fire, fire, fire" filled the air. Smoke billowed from the engine, located at the back of the Ferrari, and WhistlinDiesel made a hasty exit. Despite attempts to douse the flames with water, the fire grew too strong to control.

The situation worsened when the fire spread to the team's rental van, forcing them to unload their gear quickly. The team could only watch as both vehicles were consumed by flames, hoping the entire cornfield wouldn't ignite.

Reflecting on the loss, WhistlinDiesel told the camera, "Well, uh, there goes half a million dollars. I guess, uh, don't drive in a cornfield." He acknowledged the hard loss but expressed optimism about recovering from it.

Some viewers questioned the authenticity of the incident, prompting WhistlinDiesel to respond in the comments section. He firmly stated that the event was not staged, emphasizing, "Sure, I make money destroying things, but I don't lie. Not everything is a conspiracy."

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