You've been eating peas wrong your whole life - British etiquette expert reveals surprising royal way to dine

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.08 - 2023 1:47 PM CET


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In a delightful twist to dining etiquette, William Hanson, Britain’s go-to guru for all things manners, has taken Instagram by storm with his viral video, "How To Eat Your Peas Like True British Royalty."

This post, captivating over a million viewers in just three days, isn't just a sensation—it's a revolution in the way we approach our greens.

Hanson, the charismatic director of The English Manner, brings his trademark blend of humor and expertise to the table.

He's not just any consultant; he's the man who brings finesse to the forks of those seeking to refine their dining skills. With appearances on TV, radio, and topping the charts with his podcast "Help I Sexted My Boss," Hanson is the undisputed voice of contemporary etiquette.

But it's his latest Instagram feat that's causing a stir.

Breaking away from the mundane knife-and-fork routine, Hanson introduces a regal twist to eating peas. Forget the clumsy shoveling; it's all about the elegant flip of the knife and the precise spear of the fork, a technique that screams sophistication and grace.

This isn't just eating; it's dining with style, a nod to the refined tables of British royalty.

Hanson’s video isn't just informative; it's a playful nudge to rethink how we handle our cutlery. It's a fresh take on tradition, served with a side of charm and charisma. In the world of peas and etiquette, William Hanson is certainly the king

Watch the viral clip of the british etiquette expert revealing surprising royal way to eat peas below: