92-year-old woman bitten to death by home carer: Found in a pool of blood by her son

Foto: Shutterstock

An elderly American woman has died after being horribly attacked by her home carer.

On May 11 an American man, Scott Sandefur, was planning on paying his 92-year-old mother, Jane Palmer Sandefur, a nice little visit. 

But when he got there a horrific sight met him.  

The elderly woman was lying in a pool of blood and next to her was her 55-year-old home carer – passed out with her mouth full of flesh and blood, according to Nydailynews.com.

Jane Palmer Sandefur’s body was covered with open flesh wounds clearly caused by human teeth. 

The arrested Jennifer Lea Collins. Photo: SHARP COUNTY JAIL

According to the police, the elderly woman had been bitten in the face, her hand, leg and arm. And her left nipple was torn completely off.


Next to the 92-year-old the home carer, Jennifer Lea Collins, was passed out. 

The son immediately called for help and while Jane Palmer Sandefur was rushed to the hospital, Jennifer lea Collins came to her senses and was arrested by the police. 

The 92-year-old woman died in the hospital a week later from her bestial injuries, but the authorities weren’t able to get a proper statement from the home carer. 

Apparently, she talked in tongues, smelled of alcohol and her face was completely covered in blood. 

Since then, Jennifer Lea Collins has been charged with aggravated assault and abuse. 

However, she will not be charged with murder until prosecutors get some answers from the DNA samples collected from the horrifying crime scene.