Elise's photo is getting massive attention: Defrosts her own placenta on the kitchen counter

An Australian mother has shared a photo on sociale media that illustrates how she is grounding her placenta into powder.

The new Australian mother Elise Apps has shared a selfie on the social media Instagram, which illustrates her in the kitchen defrosting her placenta.

- This is how I spent my morning. Finally defrosted and dehydrated my placenta, Elise Apps wrote on the popular media, according to Daily Mail.

Photo: Instagram

After Elise Apps had her second child, the new mother decided to put her placenta in a plastic bag in the freezer until she had time to work on it.

26-year old Elise Apps is a certified placenta encapsulator. This means that she can dehydrate and ground women's placentas into powder, to make them into capsules that are easy to digest.

To practice and get a hold of her new equipment, Elise Apps are making capsules of her own placenta. Later her plan is to bury it under a tree in the family's backyard. 

Photo: Instagram

Elise Apps' plan is to offer to make free capsules for family and friends, to practice the whole process. The mother will start her own little business from August.

'I get a lot of raised eyebrows and it's more because people don't know the benefits and wonder why you would want to eat it,' Elise told Daily Mail Australia.

She also tells that she has received many messages from people who are really intrigued and want to know more and once they do they are willing to give it a shot and see for themselves.

Photo: Instagram 

During her pregnancy Elise Apps developed cholestasis - a condition that impairs the flow of bile from the liver. This caused her to drop the idea of consuming her placenta. She was nervous that it would make her experience the bad itch once again. 

When Elise Apps could not bear to get rid of her placenta, she decided to bury it by a tree in the family's backyard, where she can show it to her little daughter when she gets older.

More women are choosing to consume their placenta after giving birth by putting in a smoothie for instance. Some people claim that it increases their enegry level and production of breast milk. 

According to ScienceDaily, an American study from 2016 suggests that there is no immediate benfit for women who choose to consume their placenta after giving birth.