Man gang raped by women for three days after he entered a taxi

Foto: Shutterstock

A young man was drugged and raped by three women for days.

A man from South Africa has been exposed to a female gang rape after entering a taxi.

This was the reality, after the 23-year-old victim recently hired a taxi in the South African city of Pretoria, according to Metro.

In the taxi there were three women and immediately after the taxi took off, the 23-year-old was threatened to sit on the front seat.

As the taxi turned and began to drive the other way, the man was injected with an unknown fluid that immediately made him unconscious.

When he woke up again, he had been brought to an unknown address, where the three women from the taxi began to rape him in turn.

- He has explained that he woke up on a bed in an unknown room. The female perpetrators then forced him to drink an energy drink before they took turns to rape him repeatedly, Colette Weilbach from South African police told the media Times Live.

Since the gang rape, the police have assured that the matter is being taken seriously.

- South African police take all sexual crimes seriously regardless of gender. We assure all victims of such crimes that we will conduct a thorough investigation to put the guilty in front of a judge, says the South African police.

After the many rapes, that took place over three full days, the man was left half naked in a field.

Lucky for him, he managed to stop a passing car that picked him up and went for help.

In South Africa, rapes of men are quite common. According to the organization South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, which speaks up for male rape victims, nearly 20 percent of all rapes in the country are committed against men.

Nevertheless, a large proportion of the population does not take rape seriously, when it happens to a man. Which is someting that makes being a male victim extra hard.

- Compared to women, male rape victims are much less likely to report a rape, as the police do not take these cases so seriously, explains Rees Mann from South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.