Young woman rages over H&M after episode in fitting room: "It's totally ridiculous"

Photo: Facebook

British Lowri Byrne had a bad experience when she tried a dress in H&M last week.

British Lowri Byrne had a surprising experience, when she tried a dress in H&M last week. Normally, the 22-year-old woman uses a size 12. 

But when she tried the light blue lace dress in a size 16, it was so tight that the young woman could hardly move.

Therefore, Lowri Byrne had to ask an agent to find the dress in a size 18. However, it turned out she could not get the dress in that size.

Lowri Byrne was annoyed with the shop assistant's response for two resons: she would like to buy the dress, but also because it may have an impact on women what size dress they have to buy:

- What worries me is if a woman size 16 or 18 wants to shop in H&M, but has to leave the place dispirited, because she may not be able to buy clothes made for smaller women, says Lowri Byrne to

Subsequently, Lowri Byrne shared a series of photos of her trip to the fitting room on Facebook.

The article continues under the pictures.

Photo: Lowri Byrne

Photo: Lowri Byrne

Photo: Lowri Byrne

- Jeg er en størrelse 40 med en lille barm, og i dag i H&M-butikken var jeg nødt til at spørge, om man kunne få denne kjole i en størrelse 46 (det kunne man ikke…). Kjolen, som jeg har på på disse billeder, er en størrelse 44, og jeg kunne dårligt trække vejret, skriver Lowri Byrne til billederne af den stramme kjole og tilføjer:

- Da jeg spurgte, om denne kjole fandtes i en størrelse 18, sagde ekspedienten ‘Åh ja, du er nødt til at gå et par størrelser op i den her'. Et par?! At gå 3 - 4 størrelser op burde få jer til at indse, at I seriøst er nødt til at få styr på jeres størrelser.

Lowri Byrne håber, at hendes opråb til H&M kan få dem til at revidere deres størrelser og tage højde for, hvordan oplevelser som hendes kan påvirke kvinders selvopfattelse.

Lowri Byrne is normally a size 40, but had to choose size 44 to fit the H&Ms dress Photo: Lowri Byrne

H&M has commented on the incident to the British media The Sun:

- It is always our intention to design and make clothes that make our customers feel good about themselves. Any other outcome is neither intended nor desired.

- "H&M sizes are global and the sizes you can buy in the UK are the same in all 66 markets, where we run shops and on the Internet. Our own dedicated size section works according to an average of sizes and measurements that depend on the market in which we operate, says H&M to The Sun.

Since Lowri Byrne wrote her comments last week, it has sparked almost 2,000 reactions, more than 300 comments and 200 shares on the popular media. You can read the entire Lowri Byrne post just below.