Accused of faking discomfort by firefighters, a 13-year-old girl dies of a brain hemorrhage

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.09 - 2023 6:16 PM CET

Accused of faking discomfort by firefighters, a 13-year-old girl dies of a brain hemorrhage.

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In a tragic incident reported by Mediapart, a 13-year-old girl named Aïcha died of a cerebral hemorrhage days after being accused of faking an illness by firefighters.

The incident that has just been revealed by Mediapart, took place in June in Paris's 19th arrondissement during Aïcha's birthday celebration.

She suddenly experienced symptoms like crossed eyes, intense fatigue, difficulty speaking, and staying conscious. Her mother quickly called for help.

Upon arrival, the firefighters spent 30 minutes at the scene, during which they concluded that Aïcha was pretending to be ill.

An audio recording obtained by Mediapart reveals the firefighters' comments, suggesting that Aïcha was forcing her eyes shut and reacting to physical contact, implying her consciousness.

They even reprimanded her, stating that there were others who genuinely needed their help. After 30 minutes, they left without providing any assistance, leaving Aïcha's family in distress. Her parents eventually took her to the hospital, where she later died from a cerebral hemorrhage.

The Paris Police Prefecture, responsible for the city's firefighters, has not commented on the incident, and no disciplinary action has been taken against the firefighters involved.

A doctor interviewed by Mediapart emphasized that any patient unable to speak and appearing asleep should be taken seriously, as they might have ingested substances requiring medical examinations.

This case has sparked outrage on social media, drawing parallels to the 2017 incident involving Naomie Musenga, a 22-year-old woman who died hours after being mocked by emergency operators. The incident raises concerns about potential biases in emergency response and the critical importance of taking every call for help seriously.