Amazon in France Now Sells Mobile Homes for Under $22,000, Delivered in Less Than 3 Weeks

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.22 - 2024 2:00 PM CET

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon
Amazon Now Sells Mobile Homes for Under $22,000, Delivered in Less Than 3 Weeks

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Since last October, the American giant Amazon has been offering various mobile homes for sale on its platform for less than $22.000 and with an area of up to 35m^2, while also offering its customers free delivery across France in less than three weeks.

Adding a new string to its bow, the American behemoth Amazon has expanded its vast sales catalog by offering, since October 2023, the purchase of mobile homes priced under $22.000 and covering up to 35m^2. The company has highlighted another significant selling point for buyers: the free delivery of these products throughout France in less than three weeks.

An advertisement posted on the brand's website on October 13th for a prefabricated house, constructed by the Chinese company Zolyndo and sold in France for €18,300 ($20.000), emphasized the benefits of this offer.

The first benefit is the durability of the construction, as the dwelling is described as "waterproof and thermally insulated," as well as "earthquake and wind-resistant."

Another major advantage of these homes is their mobility; they "can be folded for easy transport" and are "easy to assemble and disassemble," simplifying moves.

The model nearing 35m^2, marketed by the American company Chery Industrial and listed on Amazon France for €19,799.99, comes equipped with several amenities, including "a bathroom, a shower, and built-in kitchen cabinets."

Easy-to-Assemble Homes

In a video shared on his channel on January 13th, YouTuber Unspeakable, who has 17 million subscribers, demonstrated the ease of assembling these homes. He accomplished this with a few friends and without the use of instructions, despite the total area of his dwelling being close to 35m^2 and the property purchased for $35,000.

"I was a bit worried that we might be getting scammed buying this because there were no reviews," Unspeakable stated in his video. He ultimately gave the product a maximum rating of 5 stars, despite noting the absence of an electrical system in the house delivered by Amazon.

His video has already garnered over 5.4 million views on YouTube just over a month after its release. Meanwhile, Amazon France boasts 34.6 million monthly users, with a revenue exceeding $11.3 billion in 2022.