American Store Gets a Head Start on Halloween Celebrations

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.15 - 2024 2:37 PM CET

Photo: Homedepot Instagram
Photo: Homedepot Instagram
The American home improvement retailer, Home Depot, has started Halloween early this year - 7 months ahead of the spooky season.

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Home Depot is already stirring up excitement for Halloween, revealing its holiday collection more than seven months ahead of the spooky season.

Why does it matter? There's an arms race among retailers to move holiday merchandise earlier and earlier. They are aiming to spark shopper interest and boost spending well before the actual celebrations.

In a bid to captivate the ever-growing Halloween enthusiast community, Home Depot is offering a sneak peek at its upcoming Halloween decorations, including the much-anticipated 12-foot skeletons. This preview comes before the Easter celebrations and the arrival of summer, giving fans ample time to plan their holiday decor.

"This is the earliest we have ever announced any of our Halloween products," Home Depot stated. "We wanted to share what is coming for our Halloween superfans."

The spotlight of this year's collection is a "new and improved" 12-foot skeleton, affectionately known as "Skelly," priced at $299.

  • This upgraded version features eight "new settings in its LCD life-like eyes," providing a more interactive experience.

  • Other highlights of the collection include a 5-foot skeleton dog, a 7-foot animated LED Frankenstein, a 10-foot LED "Murderous Maple tree," and four other impressive decorations.

However, Home Depot has yet to disclose specific dates for when these items will be available for purchase.

"We can't confirm any official launch dates," the company noted on its Instagram page, leaving fans in suspense.

In the previous year, many of Home Depot's Halloween items hit the online store in July and were available in physical stores shortly after Labor Day.

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