An exception has been made: King Frederik receives a very special tribute

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.29 - 2024 8:41 PM CET

Today, an exception was made as King Frederik was awarded the same honor previously bestowed upon his father.

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King Frederik will undoubtedly remember February 29, 2024, for many years to come.

On Thursday, the King of Denmark received a very special honor from the Danish Red Cross.

The Royal House confirmed this in a post on Instagram, according to

"Today, the Danish Red Cross has awarded His Majesty the King the organization's highest accolade, the Danish Red Cross’ Medal of Honor."

In most cases, this honor is otherwise awarded only to former presidents of the Red Cross, but an exception was made for the king on this occasion.

This is primarily because the King has been a patron of the Danish Red Cross since 2018.

He took over the position from Prince Henrik, who served as patron for 17 years before his death.

Prince Henrik, like his son, had also previously received the Danish Red Cross’ Medal of Honor.

Unfortunately, the day was not entirely positive for King Frederik.

Earlier on Thursday, he could only watch as he became the victim of internet fraud, where his image was misused in a video.

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