Big Christmas Tree Falls on Crowd, One Woman Dies After the Incident

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.22 - 2023 11:05 AM CET

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One Woman Dies After the Incident.

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Belgium was swept by Storm Pia this Thursday. Could the winds have caused the catastrophe that occurred in Oudenaarde at 7 pm tonight? It is still too early to say, but a decorated Christmas tree collapsed onto the crowd at a Christmas market.

Het Laatste Nieuws and several Flemish media relayed the information and even broadcasted footage of the accident.

According to an initial report, there were three injured, one of them seriously. It was a woman who had to be resuscitated. After several hours, it was learned that this person had succumbed to her injuries.

"The three people who were under the tree were transported to the hospital. One of the victims has unfortunately passed away since," declared Mayor Marnic De Meulemeester. No information about the identity of the woman has been released yet. No official announcement has been made regarding the other victims.

Most of the stands were obviously closed, and the city's mayor, Marnic De Meulemeester, visited the site. "We will see what happens in the coming days, but it is clear that everyone is very affected by the incident," said Alderman for Events John Adam.

The investigation must now determine the true reasons for the accident.

However, according to HLN, the tree, which is 20 meters tall and weighs nearly 5 tons, had slightly bent a few weeks ago and had already had to be straightened by technical services.

A security perimeter was set up, and firefighters examined the area. The public prosecutor's office also went to the site and appointed experts to carry out the necessary observations.

Questioned on Thursday evening, the mayor mentioned a strong gust of wind mixed with heavy rain to explain this tragic incident.

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