Buy Your Own Mediterranean Paradise: Stunning Island Near Sicily on Sale

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.22 - 2024 12:06 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Santa Maria island near Sicily is now on sale for 12 million euros.

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A stunning island near Sicily, Santa Maria, is once again up for grabs, Italian media reports.

ocated just off the coast of Marsala, this picturesque piece of real estate comes with a price tag of 12 million euros, marking a significant drop from its initial asking price five years ago.

A Jewel in the Mediterranean

Santa Maria spans 11 hectares and sits a mere 500 meters from Sicily's shoreline.

The island boasts an olive grove, a luxurious 350-meter villa, and an additional smaller residential building.

This second attempt to sell the island comes with a considerable discount; initially, the owners sought 17 million euros, but they have now slashed the price by 5 million euros.

Photo: Google Maps

In recent years, Italy has gained attention for selling houses in depopulated towns for as little as 1 euro.

These offers, particularly common in Sicily, have attracted many foreigners.

Buyers of these symbolic homes are required to renovate them at their own expense, making it an appealing deal for those looking to invest in a slice of Italian charm.

Prime Location for Exploration

Santa Maria's proximity to Marsala, a popular tourist destination, enhances its appeal.

Marsala serves as an ideal starting point for exploring nearby attractions such as the Zingaro Nature Reserve, Castellammare del Golfo, Mazara del Vallo, Selinunte, and Trapani.

When Santa Maria was first listed, environmentalists raised alarms over potential developments that could disrupt the island's pristine landscape, nestled within Sicily's largest lagoon, Stagnone.

Local Green parties urged the Ministry of Culture to protect the island from becoming a commercialized tourist hub, advocating for its preservation.

With its reduced price and the backing of those who wish to see it preserved, Santa Maria represents a unique opportunity for someone looking to own a piece of Mediterranean paradise. Whether envisioned as a private haven or a carefully managed retreat, the island awaits a new owner ready to embrace its beauty and potential.