Carrefour and PepsiCo Bury the Hatchet: Iconic Brands Return to French Shelves

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.07 - 2024 12:18 PM CET

The large French supermarket chain and PepsiCo have finally managed to find a solution.

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Carrefour, and PepsiCo have finally shaken hands, putting an end to a dispute that temporarily saw the withdrawal of popular American products from the French retailer's shelves.

Fans of Pepsi, Doritos, and Quaker can breathe a sigh of relief as these beloved items make their comeback in Carrefour stores across France.

A Brief Skirmish Over Pricing

The conflict kicked off early January, with Carrefour standing firm against PepsiCo's proposed price hikes, opting instead to clear the shelves of their products rather than capitulate.

This standoff not only highlighted the tense negotiations often happening behind the scenes between retailers and suppliers but also the power dynamic in play when it comes to consumer favorites.

A Resolution in France, But What About Elsewhere?

While French consumers celebrate the return of their favorite snacks and beverages, the agreement struck doesn't currently extend to Carrefour's operations in Belgium, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

Insights from someone close to the matter suggest that while the deal has been a relief in France, other countries are still navigating the complexities of their own agreements.

"PepsiCo France is thrilled to see our products back on Carrefour's shelves," a statement from the beverage and snack giant read, reflecting the positive sentiment echoed by Carrefour France's CEO, who took to social media to celebrate the resolution, Pepsi in hand.

The Cost of Conflict

Although the specifics of the dispute's financial impact on both Carrefour and PepsiCo remain under wraps, industry experts, including those at speculate that the stakes were high for Carrefour.

Pulling popular products from shelves is not a move made lightly, given the potential for lost sales and consumer dissatisfaction.

This isn't the first time a pricing dispute has led to a major brand disappearing from a retailer's lineup. PepsiCo and Biedronka, a discount store chain, have been in a similar tango, with PepsiCo products vanishing from Biedronka shelves since December 2021. Despite a brief reappearance over the 2022 holiday season, a permanent resolution seems elusive.

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