China Rejects UK's Accusations of Cyber Attacks

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.25 - 2024 12:03 PM CET

Lin Jian China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson - Photo: Chinese Government
Lin Jian China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson - Photo: Chinese Government
China has just rejected the British accusations of cyber attacks.

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China dismisses the accusations from the UK regarding cyber attacks. This was stated by Lin Jiang, the official spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as reported by TASS.

Lin Jiang made these comments in response to accusations from British media directed at Chinese authorities regarding cyber attacks. He emphasized that the country always combats cybercrime in accordance with the law.

"China advocates for all countries to present sufficient and objective evidence so as not to slander other countries without a factual basis," said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. He also stressed that China is in favor of dialogue and cooperation in tracking cyber attacks.

On March 24, The Sun reported on China's cyber attacks against the UK's Electoral Commission in 2021. Journalists also mentioned an upcoming speech by the UK's Deputy Prime Minister, Oliver Dowden, about hacker attacks on British politicians.

While China denies the allegations, the British government, on the other hand, appears to be on the verge of exposing details of cybersecurity threats from China.

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