Couple Stunned by Holiday Bill: Nearly $30 for a Single Shrimp

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.01 - 2024 1:11 PM CET

Nearly $30 for a Single Shrimp.

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On their holiday in Lanzarote, British couple Dean and Kerry decided to enjoy an evening at the seafood restaurant Casa Pedro.

Their meal consisted of a bread basket, eight small potatoes, two drinks, and a silver platter with five giant shrimps, all of which cost them approximately $153.

However, the most shocking part of the bill was not the total amount, as reported by Norway's Dagbladet.

Instead, it was the staggering cost of $29 per shrimp that left them astonished.

"My wife was just dumbfounded. We had a fantastic holiday, but this actually ruined our entire evening," Dean told the publication.

Despite their disappointment with the value of the meal, the couple managed to laugh off the situation the following day.

Nevertheless, they emphasized that they would never return to that particular restaurant.

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