Couple Won $137.000 in Lottery: You Won't Believe Where They Hid Their Ticket

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.10 - 2024 9:00 PM CET

You Won't Believe Where They Hid Their Ticket.

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There have been many stories about people who have been lucky enough to win a large sum of money, only to suddenly lose their ticket.

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to claim a prize without the ticket itself, or at least a picture of the ticket where all the details can be seen.

A French couple didn't want to lose their handsome prize of just over 120,000 Euros, so they found a quite unusual place to keep their ticket safe.

According to the French media Ouest France, the couple from the town of Ploudalmézeau won a prize of 125,503 Euros ($137.000) on December 30th. The couple had been playing the same numbers for five years, and finally, they hit a big jackpot.

However, the couple couldn’t redeem the ticket immediately as the drawing took place in the evening, and they needed to ensure that the ticket wasn’t lost overnight.

In their attempt to keep the ticket in a safe place, they ended up choosing a Pressure Cooker.

It doesn’t immediately seem like the safest place to keep a lottery ticket, and it actually sounds like an accident waiting to happen, but fortunately for the couple, nothing went wrong, and they were able to redeem the ticket and their impressive prize the following day.

To Ouest France, the couple shared what they plan to do with their winnings:

"We want to take our time to think. We plan to renovate our house. Redoing our garden is also on the agenda, but most importantly, to go on a trip to create unforgettable memories."

The couple from this article aren’t the only ones who have hidden their ticket in an odd place.

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