Critical Olympic Security Computer Stolen

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.28 - 2024 10:37 AM CET

Photo: lazyllama /
Photo: lazyllama /
Critical Olympic Security Computer Stolen.

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An engineer had his computer and USB sticks containing sensitive information about the Olympic Games' security plans stolen on a train in Paris.

As Paris prepares to host the Summer Olympics, final touches are being made to various preparations.

Security is a key focus for the organizers, but a theft on a train has put the security plans at risk.

An engineer involved in the planning of the security had his computer and two USB sticks containing confidential information about the games' security plans stolen on Monday.

The French police confirmed the theft to the news agency AFP on Tuesday evening according to The Guardian.

The engineer from the Paris City Hall had placed his bag with the mentioned items in the luggage rack above him on the train, from where it was stolen.

He noticed the theft when the train stopped at a station and was delayed, prompting him to switch to another train. That's when he realized the bag was missing.

The regional police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Approximately 2,000 municipal officers are expected to be part of the security detail for the Olympics. In total, around 35,000 security personnel are expected to be in action during the games, according to AFP.