Disgusting Discovery in a Clementine: Heidi Was About to Vomit

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.16 - 2023 8:52 AM CET

Disgusting Discovery in a Clementine.

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For many, winter is synonymous with clementines, and the clementine season peaks during the Christmas month. However, for Norwegian Heidi Øseth, biting into a clementine turned out to be a far cry from a pleasant experience.

Heidi had settled comfortably on her sofa, turned off the lights, and lit candles when she bit into a clementine that abruptly ended her cozy moment. To her shock, the clementine was filled with larvae in the fruit flesh, as reported by Dagbladet.

"I felt nauseous and tried to vomit. I was afraid that I had ingested something alive," she told the media.

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Fortunately for Heidi, the larvae were not alive, a conclusion she reached after some internet research and a closer examination of the clementine.

However, the fact that the larvae were not alive when she ate them was of little consolation. "I don't like eating larvae, it's not exactly human food. It's certainly not dangerous, but it's clear that it's still unpleasant," the Norwegian explained.

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Unfortunately for Heidi, the incident with the larva-infested clementine has caused her to lose her appetite for the popular orange fruit.

She says she still has some at home, but they won't be eaten anytime soon.

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