Fire in Legoland: Iconic Builds Destroyed

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.29 - 2024 11:50 AM CET

Photo: Umar Shariff /
Photo: Umar Shariff /
A portion of Legoland's renowned Miniland was damaged by fire early Wednesday morning

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On Wednesday night, a large portion of Legoland's historical area was devastated by a fire, destroying some of the park's most iconic structures.

Nestled in the heart of the Danish countryside in the small town of Billund, the original Legoland park stands as a beloved landmark, attracting tourists from around the globe who come to marvel at its playful, colorful brick creations.

One of the park's oldest and most popular areas, Miniland, known for its impressive recreations of famous buildings from around the world, was severely affected by the blaze.

According to the local Danish newspaper JydskeVestkysten, a large section of Miniland burned down on Wednesday night.

Nyhavn, the famous Copenhagen landmark, has been recreated in Lego bricks in Miniland (Photo: Imad Fatoul /

Press manager Kasper Tangsig indicated that the fire likely originated from a short circuit in a charging station for Lego cars and quickly spread to a larger section of the area.

"It's a sad day when something like this happens," said Tangsig. "We have good colleagues who have spent many hours building it up and keeping it going. That's many hours of work ruined. So they are somewhat marked by it. We all are."

The fire was discovered quickly, and the fire brigade responded promptly, extinguishing the flames before they could spread further.

Video surveillance from the scene revealed that the fire started in a port area constructed entirely of Lego bricks.

Despite the damage, Tangsig reassured visitors that the fire would not affect their experience in the coming weeks and months.

"Miniland is a very large area, and it is a relatively small part that has been burned. Therefore, it will not mean anything to the visitors either. There won't be anything in that area for the next while, but we'll probably screen it off and make it nice," he explained.

Legoland will be closed on Wednesday as planned, with the day dedicated to cleaning up the aftermath of the fire. Efforts will be made to restore the affected area and ensure it remains an attractive part of the park.

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