For Just $1.35 Million, You Can Buy an Entire Village in the Netherlands

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.18 - 2024 10:25 PM CET

Photo: Funda
Photo: Funda
How often do you come across an idyllic village in the Netherlands that you can become the proud owner of?

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Seize this unique opportunity on Funda if you are excited by the idea of living within walking distance of all your friends or the entire family. It can now be yours for €1.25 million.

For that price, you get 2.4 hectares of land in Friesland where you can house your loved ones. Allingawier, the name of the terp village where the property is located, is listed on Funda in Business and was originally a museum village. So, you could also turn it into a tourist attraction.

History of the Village on Funda

The area known as Aldfaers Erf is part of the village of Allingawier and has a rich history. According to sources, it dates back to 1270, though the village is likely much older. Located among lakes, pools, and puddles, the Frisian population dedicated itself to fishing.

Hence, it was known as a ‘fish-rich place’. A canal had to be dug for ships to pass through. This became the Van Panhuys Canal, allowing boats to head towards the IJsselmeer. As the owner of this village, you would still overlook this canal.

From the moment Allingawier became accessible to shipping, the growth of this little village accelerated. There were civilian houses, a steam forge, sheds, barns, farms, and eventually churches built.

Photo: Funda

Photo: Funda

Photo: Funda

The Surroundings of This Opportunity

On the southern edge of the village now stands a tiny church, part of Aldfaers Erf, your future village. When it was still a museum village, visitors came here to learn about its history. You could continue this as the potential owner.

Since Aldfaers Erf played a significant role in fishing and shipping, it remains a easily accessible village. Within at most a 10-minute drive, you can reach the Afsluitdijk or the Makkum beach. The property is surrounded by extensive meadows and windmills.

For essential amenities, such as a supermarket or a school, you need to go to the larger cities nearby. Examples include Bolsward or Exmorra. These are a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 minutes away by car.

What Do You Get for €1.5 Million?

Owning a village with a rich history sounds cool, but what exactly do you get for the asking price of €1.5 million? First, you get 2.4 hectares of land that initially has a societal purpose. If you have a different aim? Then you can change this in consultation with the municipality.

Consider a Bed & Breakfast, care farm, residential objects, or you can keep the village as a museum. There is an authentic forge and a monumental farm with storage where a catering spot has been added. You can rebuild all this, but also keep it intact.

Finally, there is also the opportunity to dock a boat or several at the jetty. From there, you can enter the open waters of the Van Panhuys Canal, heading towards the IJsselmeer and the North Sea.