Fugitive Moldovan Oligarch Claims Russian Citizenship

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.16 - 2024 10:24 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Fugitive Moldovan oligarch Ilan Shor announced that he has obtained Russian citizenship.

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Ilan Shor, a Moldovan oligarch who fled the country, has announced that he has acquired Russian citizenship.

In a recent interview with the Russian blogger "Stas Ai, Kak Prosto," which was reported by European Truth, Shor confirmed his new status.

"Today I am a citizen of the Russian Federation," he stated during the conversation.

Previously, Shor had indicated in a February interview with the Russian state-run RIA Novosti that he was considering relocating permanently from Israel to Russia. At the time, he mentioned that he did not yet have Russian citizenship but planned to apply for it.

Shor's declaration of Russian citizenship could have implications for his legal status in Moldova.

Recently, the Moldovan Parliament passed a draft law on the first reading that allows for the initiation of procedures to strip Moldovan citizenship from individuals under international sanctions. This law stipulates that the Information and Security Service of Moldova may consider revoking citizenship for those who are internationally sanctioned, provided they would not become stateless as a result.

Given that Shor now holds Russian citizenship, this removes the potential statelessness barrier, possibly paving the way for Moldova to strip his citizenship.

Shor has recently been targeted by a new EU sanctions regime aimed at stabilizing Moldova, which also affects other notable figures such as Volodymyr Plahotniuk, Maryna Tauber, Giorgii Kavkalyuk, and Russian businessman Ihor Chaika.

Countries such as Canada and Norway have also joined the EU in imposing sanctions aimed at the destabilization of Moldova, further isolating Shor and his associates internationally.

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