Ghost-Hunting Adventure Ends Tragically in Abandoned Church

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.12 - 2024 2:20 PM CET

"Ghost hunter" found dead in an abandoned church.

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A 22-year-old woman from France was tragically found dead in an abandoned church in northern Italy’s Aosta Valley, after she reportedly went on a ghost-hunting expedition.

Local police in La Salle reported that the unidentified woman's body was discovered over the weekend. She had allegedly informed her family of her plans to explore a reputedly haunted site.

Mysterious Circumstances

Authorities suspect her involvement in a popular online ghost-hunting challenge might have influenced her decision.

The circumstances surrounding her death are under intense scrutiny, with theories ranging from a social media challenge gone fatally wrong to the possibility of "consented murder."

The woman was found without any identification or a phone. Local reports mentioned that a woman and a man, dressed "like vampires," had been seen in the area. One witness described her as looking like a "walking corpse."

Ongoing Police Investigation

An autopsy conducted by medical examiner Roberto Testi revealed that the woman had suffered multiple injuries. She had been stabbed with a camping knife and had two gunshot wounds to the neck and one to the abdomen, which investigators believe were inflicted after her death.

Additionally, it was noted that some of the blood at the scene appeared to have been intentionally displaced, adding another layer of mystery to the grim discovery.

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