Greece to Import Workers from Egypt Amid Labor Shortage

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.10 - 2024 2:28 PM CET

Greece plans to import workers from Egypt for its agricultural sector amid a labor shortage.

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This summer, Greece is set to address its labor shortage issues by importing workers from Egypt for temporary agricultural employment.

This initiative stems from a 2022 agreement between the two nations, aimed at alleviating workforce deficiencies in various key sectors, including agriculture, tourism, and construction.

The labor shortage in Greece has become a serious problem following an exodus of workers during the country's economic downturn, coupled with a population decline and stringent migration policies.

These factors have compelled Athens to seek immediate solutions to fill the gap, particularly in its agriculture sector, which is vital for both domestic needs and the economy at large.

Expanding Worker Importation to Other Sectors

According to a report by Reuters, Greece plans to welcome approximately 5,000 seasonal workers from Egypt under a bilateral agreement. Discussions are ongoing to extend this arrangement to other sectors like construction and tourism.

Greek Migration Minister Dimitris Kairidis recently met with Egyptian Labor Minister Hassan Shehata in Cairo. They explored ways to deepen cooperation to tackle the ongoing issue of illegal migration, a significant challenge for both nations.

Future Integration Plans

The European Union is reportedly speeding up the distribution of funds to help Egypt, using an urgent financing procedure that bypasses traditional parliamentary approval.

This action is part of a larger financial package worth 7.4 billion euros, aimed at supporting the North African country, increasing energy sales to Europe, and reducing illegal migration.

The Greek government is also said to be formulating a plan to integrate hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants currently within its borders.

The strategy seeks to channel these individuals into formal employment in sectors experiencing labor shortages, such as agriculture, construction, and tourism, transforming a challenge into an opportunity for economic growth and stability.

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