Hostage Crisis Unfolds in Southern Russia

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.16 - 2024 6:45 PM CET

Photo: Stanick /
Photo: Stanick /
At least two prison employees have been taken hostage at a detention center.

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A dramatic hostage situation is currently unfolding in the Rostov region of southern Russia according to Marcus Oscarsson.

At least two prison employees have been taken hostage at a detention center, according to reports from Reuters. The hostage-takers are demanding safe passage out of the facility and a vehicle. Negotiations with Russian authorities are ongoing, as per local media.

Possible Terrorist Links

Earlier this year, Russia experienced a terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, which was claimed by ISIS, despite attempts by Vladimir Putin's regime to attribute the blame to Ukraine. The current hostage crisis is also believed to be linked to ISIS.

According to news reports, six inmates, some with connections to ISIS, took guards hostage at a detention center in the Rostov region. They are demanding safe passage in negotiations with the authorities.

Authorities Downplay the Incident

Some of the individuals involved in the hostage situation have already been convicted of terrorist crimes. The men reportedly broke the bars off their cell windows and entered a guardroom, where they took at least two prison employees hostage.

Several of the hostage-takers are said to have direct connections to the militant ISIS group responsible for the Crocus City Hall attack. However, Russian authorities appear to be downplaying the incident.

"The institution is operating normally, and the situation is under control," stated the officials in charge of the detention center, according to Reuters.

Ongoing Negotiations

Police are reportedly on the scene at the detention center, and negotiations for the release of the hostages are ongoing. Following the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack, more than 20 individuals have been arrested on suspicion of involvement, as reported by the Moscow Times.

Some of those participating in the Rostov hostage crisis are soon to stand trial for their alleged involvement in the Crocus City Hall attack, according to the publication.