Intercontinental Singapore Introduces New Package: Get Your Stay Refunded if It Rains Enough

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.04 - 2024 9:45 AM CET

Intercontinental Singapore Introduces New Package.

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Intercontinental Singapore introduces the 'Rain Resist Bliss Package', a unique offering designed to enhance guest experiences, even on the rainiest of days.

Discover how this package promises an enjoyable visit to Singapore, regardless of the weather.

Introducing the Rain Resist Bliss Package

Intercontinental Singapore has unveiled a novel concept in travel comfort: the "Rain Resist Bliss Package". For guests who opt for this package and experience rain during their stay, the hotel pledges to refund the cost of one night's stay. With room rates starting from SGD$388 ($472) per night, this deal offers significant savings.

However, to qualify for the refund, it must rain for at least 120 minutes within a four-hour window from 8 am to 7 pm, ensuring the offer is reserved for genuinely rainy days. This is reported by BNN Breaking.

Singapore's Rainy Seasons

Singapore experiences a dry season from March to August and a wet season from September to February, making rain a common occurrence year-round. The most rain is expected during the Northeast Monsoon's "wet phase" from November to January.

The 'Rain Resist Bliss Package' is strategically timed for guests visiting during the wetter months, especially from September to mid-January, when two-hour rainfalls are most frequent.

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Why Choose Singapore?

Despite its rainy weather, Singapore continues to be a vibrant travel destination, known for its lush greenery, strict regulations, and dynamic food scene. Emerging from the pandemic with renewed vigor, Singapore offers a mix of trendy neighborhoods like Tiong Bahru, breathtaking attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, and architectural marvels like Pan Pacific Orchard.

Whether you're navigating the city's streets during the dry season or making the most of the Rain Resist Bliss Package during a downpour, Singapore offers an unmatched urban adventure. This limited-time package from Intercontinental Singapore ensures that rain or shine, your visit to this remarkable city remains unforgettable.

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