Is This For Real? People Ridicule Russian Army's Odd Camouflage

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.17 - 2023 6:31 PM CET

Photo: X
Photo: X
Is This For Real? People Ridicule Russian Army's Odd Camouflage.

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Dubbed as the world's second-largest military force, the Russian army often finds itself in the news for less than flattering reasons. Recently, they have chosen a peculiar and seemingly out-of-season camouflage pattern for their military vehicles.

The specific vehicle was covered in a netting that looked strikingly similar to dry grass or perhaps remnants of straw from a harvested field. This choice is particularly odd given the current wintery conditions at the front lines. The vehicle more closely resembles a giant straw scarecrow than a piece of strategic military equipment.

Online commentators have made an amusing comparison, likening it to the 1994 comedy film "Dumb and Dumber".

This analogy seems quite fitting. In "Dumb and Dumber", the main characters Lloyd and Harry famously drive a van modified to resemble a giant dog, complete with fur, ears, and a tongue. This whimsical vehicle bears a surprising similarity to the Russian army's camouflaged vehicle.

The comparison extends beyond appearances. Like the film's protagonists, the Russian soldiers seem to lack foresight. The decision to camouflage a vehicle in such a way, potentially making it more vulnerable to Ukrainian military forces, is perplexing. As events continue to unfold, the reaction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to this unusual vehicle is highly anticipated.

Here's the Russian military vehicle in its dubious splendor and notorious camouflage:

On social media, users are enjoying themselves, offering various interpretations of the camouflaged vehicle. Some compare it to the dog van from the movie, while others see resemblances to a bear, a Yeti, or even a mammoth. Regardless of the interpretation, the Russian military has inadvertently become a source of humor with this bizarre spectacle.

However, it's important to recognize that the "world's second-largest military" is not merely a source of comedic errors. Behind these humorous missteps are serious consequences that have surfaced over the past year of conflict. These military mishaps are a result of long-standing neglect in the Kremlin.

Despite these blunders, the Russian military has shown signs of improvement in their operational tactics nearly two years into the conflict. The successful establishment and reinforcement of the Surowikin line, advancements in drone technology, staff efficiency, and formidable artillery skills are clear indicators of their progress.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' inability to launch a successful summer counteroffensive was not coincidental. The steadfast resistance of the Russian military is a testament to their evolving strategies. Despite the heavy toll in lives and equipment, they continue to advance.

The onus is now on Ukraine to devise effective strategies, respond decisively, and ultimately triumph in this conflict. If this means taking down the infamous Russian "dog-van", then so be it.

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