Italian Woman Prefers Prison Over House Arrest with Mother

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.05 - 2024 11:25 AM CET

Italian Woman Prefers Prison Over House Arrest with Mother

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In a unique twist to the usual narrative of preferring freedom over incarceration, a 23-year-old Italian woman under house arrest has made an unusual request to the court: to be moved to prison, citing her inability to tolerate living with her mother any longer. “We don’t get along, I don’t get along with her at all,” the young woman from Pozzuoli expressed her distress.

Initially detained on the island of Ischia for possessing a kilogram of hashish, the woman was placed under house arrest in her home pending her trial. However, the domestic atmosphere became so unbearable for her that she approached the police station last week, requesting a transfer to prison to escape the contentious relationship with her mother. As reported by SKY TG24, she was temporarily held in a secure ward room until a judicial decision could be made regarding her plea.

The woman's ordeal began when police in Casamicciola, Ischia, became suspicious of her during a routine check, leading to the discovery of drugs in her possession. Given her clean criminal record, authorities decided on house arrest as a provisional measure. The situation at her home was further complicated by the presence of her 20-year-old brother, who was also under house arrest at the same address.

A subsequent search of the premises revealed a Beretta semi-automatic handgun, believed to belong to her brother, prompting his transfer to prison and an intensification of the investigation into his activities. The firearm was seized for ballistics testing to ascertain its involvement in recent criminal activities around Naples.

Driven to desperation by the strained relationship with her mother, the young woman willingly approached the police, fully aware of the potential charges of attempting escape she might face. Yet, she conveyed her preference for prison over enduring further time under the same roof as her mother.

This incident is not an isolated case in Italy, highlighting the extreme measures some individuals are willing to take to escape challenging domestic situations. Last year, a similar request was made by a 41-year-old man from Cafasse, Turin, who sought prison over house arrest upon discovering his partner's infidelity.