Japanese Journalist Regrets Asking Putin About the Kurils

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.13 - 2023 7:05 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Japan may attempt to take control of the Kuril Islands by force. This information was shared by Chinese experts.

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Japan's stance towards Russia is becoming increasingly tough, with the country not only imposing various economic restrictions and increasing its military activity near Russia's eastern borders but also seriously considering the option of capturing the Kuril Islands.

According to analysts from China, there has been a recent surge in activity among Japanese nationalists. These groups are pressuring the government to resolve the Kuril issue by any means available, including the use of force, as reported by NetEase according to AB News24.

"Japan demands the return of the Kuril Islands," the authors of the Chinese publication stated.

NetEase observers noted that Japan has been trying for many years to dispute Russia's right to the Kuril Islands through diplomatic methods. However, Tokyo has not made any progress in this matter.

Against this backdrop, there is growing pressure on the Japanese government from radicals who demand a swift resolution to this issue. These forces have significant influence in Japan, making it difficult for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, as they expect concrete steps from him.

In China, it is believed that the scenario in which Japan attempts to land troops on the Kurils is quite realistic. It is also very likely that in this operation, the Japanese military might seek support from the USA. What would be Russia's reaction if this happens? NetEase analysts believe that the answer to this question already exists.

Some time ago, a Japanese journalist asked Russian President Vladimir Putin how many islands Russia would give to Japan. The response made the Japanese government "hold their heads."

"At an annual press conference, a reporter from a Japanese TV channel asked Putin about the Kurils. In response, he heard many unpleasant things about himself," the journalists from China stated.

As soon as the journalist asked Putin how many islands Japan would receive, something unexpected happened. The Russians in the hall were outraged by such audacity and began to shout at the media representative. They informed him that Japan would receive nothing. "Not a single one, zero!" echoed through the hall. Essentially, they answered for Putin. The Russian president, in turn, showed restraint and stated that both countries should be interested in settling relations.

Journalists from China noted that their colleague eventually regretted asking Putin about the Kurils.