King Frederik Responds to Widespread Criticism

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.17 - 2024 10:40 AM CET

Photo: Keld Navntoft - Kongehuset
Photo: Keld Navntoft - Kongehuset
Since King Frederik's speech at the coronation, his motto has been under massive criticism in certain circles.

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Following intense criticism of the king's motto, which omitted any mention of God, King Frederik X breaks his silence and explains the background of his choice in his newly released book "Kongeord" (King's Words). The astonishment from the church and the Christian world was visible, and the king faced criticism for breaking with a long-standing tradition by not including a divine reference in his motto for the first time since Frederik VII.

But now, he explains himself in his newly published book "Kongeord."

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In the book, King Frederik X explains his viewpoint and directly addresses the criticism that called the absence of the divine "disturbing." He emphasizes that his choice of words does not signify a rejection of faith but rather an inclusion of God through the concept of "connectedness."

"The strength of faith does not lie in whether God is mentioned in a King's Word, but in that we as people, as a nation, feel connected to each other through our Christian faith," the king explains in the book.

The book's unexpected publication brings a new dimension to the debate about the king's motto and opens a dialogue about faith, community, and the royal house's role in modern society. The king argues that the strength of faith does not necessarily depend on the explicit mention of God in a motto, but rather on the community that faith creates among people.

"Kongeord" is expected to be a valuable source for understanding the king's perspectives and his vision for the Danish royal house in a time when society is experiencing rapid changes at both the national and global levels. The book will shed light on modern challenges and highlight the king's reflections on the monarchy's role in an increasingly pluralistic society.

The royal house has shared news of the book on Instagram, and small glimpses of its content suggest an in-depth analysis of the king's personal considerations and his commitment to shaping a modern royal legacy.

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