Lidl Poland Offers Customers the Chance to Win $250,000 in "Lidlottery"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.06 - 2024 8:29 AM CET

Lidl Poland Offers Customers the Chance to Win $250,000 in "Lidlottery".

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It's almost never the case that one can go out shopping with $25 and come back having 'earned' money from their shopping trip. However, this could become a reality for supermarket guests in Poland who shop at Lidl.

Starting February 5, Lidl Poland is giving its customers an extraordinary opportunity to win big through its "Lidlottery" campaign.

Shoppers have the chance to secure a shopping voucher worth 500 PLN ($125) every hour, 25,000 PLN ($6,250) weekly, and a whopping 1 million PLN ($250,000) in the grand finale. This is reported by Polish newspaper Wiadomosci Handlowe.

To participate in Lidl's enticing lottery, customers need to make a purchase of at least 99 PLN (approximately $25) at any Lidl Poland store. The purchase should exclude alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, medicinal products, infant formulas, and gift cards.

After making a qualifying purchase, participants must retain their original purchase receipt and register it on the official lottery website.

The "Lidlottery" campaign is orchestrated by Smolar Agencja Promocyjno-Reklamowa, aiming to engage and reward Lidl's loyal customers in Poland.

This initiative is part of Lidl's broader strategy to enhance shopping experiences and give back to its community.

Lidl, a key player in the international retail market, operates around 12,000 stores across 31 countries, including approximately 850 stores in Poland.

The company's roots trace back to the 1930s, with the first stores under the Lidl brand opening in Germany during the 1970s. Today,

Lidl continues to expand its presence and influence in the retail sector, offering quality products and innovative promotions like the "Lidlottery" to its customers worldwide.