Major Drama on Flight: Passenger Pulls Hidden Razor Blade from His Mouth and Starts Cutting

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.18 - 2024 10:40 AM CET

Passenger Pulls Hidden Razor Blade from His Mouth and Starts Cutting.

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Many people don't find flying to be the most enjoyable experience in the world. Some are stressed about being in small seats in a tightly packed cabin, while others fear the plane might crash.

None of these things happened on the Tarom flight that flew last night from Brussels to Otopeni Bucharest, but passengers still had a major scare and an experience they will likely not forget anytime soon.

In fact, it was right at the moment that Tarom RO 374 had touched down on the ground that a passenger suddenly began to act very unruly, prompting the border police to be called for passenger disembarkation.

Passengers had to leave through the backdoor

It was discovered at the scene that a Romanian citizen had hidden a blade in his mouth, which he took out and used to cut his veins, as reported by Realitatea TV.

The airport's medical team was called and provided first aid to the individual in question.

Passengers were disembarked through the rear door of the aircraft, and the victim, who had cut his veins upon landing, was transported to the hospital, as per Știrile ProTV.

The man was known to have psychiatric conditions since 2010. He had been hospitalized several times for psychiatry and had multiple suicide attempts, the source added.

Checks in the databases revealed that the man was not generally pursued and was not the subject of any operational note.

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