Man Fined for Unusual Delay Response on Air New Zealand Journey

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.06 - 2024 12:02 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
What happens when flight delays push passengers to their limits? One man's response aboard an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Sydney takes an unexpected turn, leading to a fine and a story that's just now hitting the headlines.

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Delays are an accepted part of air travel, often met with resigned sighs, extra scrolling on social media, or one more chapter in a book.

However, for one passenger aboard an Air New Zealand flight last December, a post-landing wait on the tarmac at Sydney Airport sparked a decision that's anything but typical.

Choosing to relieve himself into a cup rather than wait for the plane to deplane, a 53-year-old man turned a mere delay into a news-making incident, culminating in a fine for offensive behavior. This is reported by Hindustan Times.

A Desperate Decision

After a three-hour journey from Auckland, passengers were eager to stretch their legs and breathe fresh air.

Yet, with the plane paused on the tarmac awaiting a terminal gate, movement was limited.

It was during this interim that Holly and her 15-year-old daughter, seated next to the window-bound man, became aware of an unusual sound.

Holly's suspicions were confirmed as she witnessed her fellow passenger, in a state she described as "obviously quite drunk," opting for an unconventional solution to his discomfort.

The man's actions did not go unnoticed. Despite the immediate embarrassment of spilling urine on a flight attendant while disembarking, it was the act of urinating in his seat that prompted the Australian Federal Police to remove him from the aircraft.

In February, a Sydney court imposed a fine of 600 Australian dollars ($395) on the man for his offensive behavior, marking a costly end to what had already been a long journey.

Airline's Response

Incidents of this nature are not entirely unheard of in the realm of air travel, where emotions and alcohol can lead to regrettable decisions.

Air New Zealand, while refraining from commenting on this specific event, highlighted its policy of banning between five and ten customers each month for disruptive actions, including intoxication.

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