Man Kidnapped, Sends Desperate WhatsApp Message to Off-Duty Hero for Rescue

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.06 - 2024 9:56 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock / Wiki Commons
Photo: Shutterstock / Wiki Commons
The man was saved through a WhatsApp message.

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A man who was forcibly taken and placed in a car was saved after sending WhatsApp messages to an off-duty mountain rescuer in Romania.

According to Romanian HotNews, the incident occurred Wednesday evening when a mountain rescuer, during his free time, received messages from an unknown number on WhatsApp, as recounted by representatives of Romania's National Mountain Rescue Service (Salvamont România).

The Romanian newspaper has shared an image of the WhatsApp messages.

"Good evening, I can't speak on the phone, please help me!"

"Good evening, who are you and what is your problem?"

"I am in a jeep with Dâmbovița plates, and I am being taken against my will and I can't call 112 (991 in Romania) to explain the situation"

The conversation between the rescuer and the unknown man continued in an effort to gather more details about the person seeking help. The conversation abruptly ended after the victim was asked about the car's color and number, leaving doubts about the situation's seriousness.

Using the information provided, the rescuer conducted online research about the locations involved, which were in different regions of Romania. Subsequently, he called the emergency number 112 to request assistance.

After discussions with the 112 operator and police in both the originating and intended destination regions, the police were able to locate and stop the car on its route, about an hour after the initial WhatsApp message was sent. The police confirmed that "the car was stopped in a city along the way and now everything is fine."