Marc Cleaned for 6 Hours and Charged His Wife Thousands: Here's How She Reacted

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.01 - 2024 4:07 PM CET

Here's How She Reacted.

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In a humorous twist that has captured the attention of social media users, a man in England billed his own wife approximately 700 pounds (around $820) after spending six hours deep cleaning their home. The story, reported by the Daily Mirror, revolves around Marc Hatch, owner of "Clean Me Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning," who decided to send his wife Jasmine an invoice for his cleaning services as a jest.

Marc was tasked with thoroughly cleaning the family home, including a large corner sofa, the carpets of three bedrooms, and a stone floor. After completing the domestic chore, he sent the bill to his wife, sparking a playful exchange that was later shared on the company's Facebook page.

"Last week, we had a very unfortunate incident: a client refused to pay! After cleaning a large corner sofa, carpets in 3 bedrooms, and a stone floor, the client let us know she was absolutely delighted with the result! Great news, or so we thought!" the post read.

The screenshot of the message Marc sent to Jasmine included, "Hello Jasmine, please find your payment link for yesterday's cleaning. Please click on the link and select your preferred mode of payment. Thank you for your trust." To which she humorously replied, "Get a grip, we're married and have three children."

The post quickly went viral, garnering over 14,000 likes and numerous comments from amused followers. "It took me half a day, it was hard work," Marc quipped, highlighting the effort behind the jest.

This lighthearted story has not only entertained thousands online but also showcased a unique way to add humor to the everyday responsibilities of married life.

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