McDonald's Introduces AI Ordering at Drive-Thrus

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.06 - 2024 2:27 PM CET

New AI ordering technology tested at McDonald's.

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McDonald's is rolling out a new way to order your favorite fast food items: talking to an AI.

This technological shift is currently being piloted at a drive-thru in the US, requiring customers to interact with artificial intelligence to place their orders.

"That's It"

To ensure that the AI accurately processes orders, customers are instructed to conclude their requests with the phrase "That's it."

This method aims to streamline the ordering process and enhance overall efficiency at McDonald's locations.

As reported by the German news outlet TZ, the introduction of AI aims to optimize customer experience and streamline operations.

In cooperation with Google, McDonald's intends to test this technology at thousands of locations worldwide starting in 2024.

The AI should not only simplify the ordering process but also support restaurant management and improve the experiences of both customers and employees.

Mixed Reactions from the Public

Reactions to this technological innovation have been mixed.

On social media and platforms like Reddit, some users express skepticism and mock the apparent “cyberpunk dystopia” that this innovation brings with it.

Others, however, welcome the technological development and see it as a step forward in the fast food sector. Despite the introduction of AI, McDonald's emphasizes that customers still have the option of being served by human employees.

The chain continues to hire new staff, indicating that AI is intended to complement, not replace, the human workforce.

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