Michigan Man Strikes Lottery Gold Twice in Six Months

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.04 - 2024 3:23 PM CET

Photo: alisafarov / Shutterstock.com
Photo: alisafarov / Shutterstock.com
A man from Michigan has hit the jackpot again, winning $110,000 in the Fantasy 5 Double Play lottery, marking his second win in just six months.

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A man from Michigan celebrates his incredible luck after winning a $110,000 lottery jackpot for the second time in six months.

The lucky 59-year-old from Wayne County explained that after his first win of $110,000 in the Fantasy 5 Double Play on August 31, 2023, he decided to change his numbers for the drawing on February 11.

He purchased his winning ticket at a BP gas station on West 9 Mile Road in Southfield, using the numbers 02-06-11-20-23.

"After winning $110,000 back in August, I switched up my Fantasy 5 numbers," he told Michigan Lottery.

"When the clerk scanned my ticket and suggested I had won big, I couldn't believe my luck. Seeing the winning numbers and realizing I had actually won again was unbelievable. It feels like such a blessing!"

The man is overjoyed with his repeat win but hasn't decided yet on how to use his latest prize.

"The first win allowed me to clear my debts, and now I have the chance to enjoy this one. I'm not rushing into anything; for now, I'm happy to just see the balance in my bank account," he added.

Each Fantasy 5 play is only $1.

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