Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant Powers a Third of Finland: Record Electricity Production Achieved

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.04 - 2024 10:26 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant Powers a Third of Finland.

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Finland's Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant has set a new record in electricity production, making a significant contribution to the country's energy market last year. According to a report by Yle, the Olkiluoto facility produced nearly one-third of the electricity consumed in Finland last year, marking a historic achievement in the nation's energy sector.

The plant, comprising three reactor units, collectively generated about 31 percent of Finland's total electricity consumption. In total, the Olkiluoto plant produced 24.67 terawatt-hours of electricity for Finland, the highest production volume in the plant's history.

This robust performance underscores the critical role of nuclear power in Finland's energy mix, particularly in meeting the country's growing electricity needs.

'Historically excellent for Olkiluoto'

Marjo Mustonen, the production manager at Olkiluoto, highlighted the significance of this achievement. "The year 2023 was historically excellent for Olkiluoto. All three of its reactor units are now operational and collectively produce approximately 3380 megawatts of electricity," Mustonen stated in a company press release. This impressive output reflects the operational efficiency and reliability of the Olkiluoto plant.

The newest reactor unit, Olkiluoto 3, began regular electricity production in April and was only out of production for a few days after commencing regular operation.

Last year, Olkiluoto 3 alone contributed 10.37 terawatt-hours to the national grid, accounting for 42 percent of Olkiluoto's total electricity production. This marks a significant milestone for the plant, demonstrating its capability to bolster Finland's energy independence and sustainability.

The record production by Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant is a testament to Finland's commitment to leveraging nuclear energy as a cornerstone of its strategy to achieve energy security and reduce carbon emissions. As Finland and other countries continue to navigate the challenges of energy supply and climate change, the success of Olkiluoto offers valuable insights into the role of nuclear energy in a sustainable future​

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