Royal Celebrations Canceled as Fire Ravages 400-Year-Old Danish Landmark

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.16 - 2024 1:08 PM CET

Queen Margrethe II's 84th birthday celebrations have been scaled down following a significant fire at a historic landmark in Copenhagen.

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The Royal Household of Denmark has scaled back the 84th birthday celebrations for Queen Margrethe II following a significant fire at one of Copenhagen's most historic landmarks.

The fire, which has captivated national attention, led to the cancellation of the ceremonial events planned for the Queen's birthday.

Fire Impacts Royal Celebrations

The Royal Household confirmed that the ceremonial aspects, involving the Royal Guard's band performance at Fredensborg Palace, have been canceled in light of the tragedy. The event was set to be a highlight of the celebration but will now see only the routine changing of the guard, which continues to draw public attention.

Danish TV station TV2 reported the changes, indicating that while formal festivities are curtailed, the observance of the Royal Guard change will proceed as many have already gathered to witness the event.

Queen Margrethe II, though having abdicated the throne earlier this year, retains her royal title and remains a central figure in Danish cultural and public life.

National Landmark in Flames

The blaze engulfed the Børsen Exchange building, a central piece of Copenhagen’s architectural and cultural heritage, recognized for its 400-year business history in Denmark.

The fire, which started early in the morning, led to the collapse of the building's iconic spiral spire, drawing parallels to the tragic 2019 Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in Paris.

The firefighting efforts are expected to continue throughout the day, complicated by the building's ancient copper roof and ongoing restoration scaffolding.

Royal and Political Reactions

King Frederick X and Queen Mary of Denmark expressed their sorrow over the damage, describing the sight as "sad" and extending gratitude towards those battling to save the building and its valuable contents.

Denmark's Prime Minister echoed these sentiments, describing the scene as "terrible" and lamenting the loss to Danish cultural heritage.

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