Russia Mocks Japan, Tokyo Likely to Be Displeased by Kremlin's Humor

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.01 - 2024 9:32 AM CET

Russia Mocks Japan, Tokyo Likely to Be Displeased by Kremlin's Humor.

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Russia has made a pointed jest at Japan's expense, according to political commentators from China.

The relationship between Russia and Japan can hardly be described as neighborly: the countries have minimal interaction, and lately, any cooperation has all but ceased. Despite this, Tokyo continues to assert its claims over the Kuril Islands, as reported by the Chinese publication Sina.

"Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has expressed hope for signing a peace treaty with Russia once the issue of the Kuril Islands' ownership is settled," the authors of the Chinese publication shared according to AB News.

Sina commentators noted that Kishida's recent remarks have resonated strongly in Russia, highlighting Japan's persistence regarding the Kuril Islands. Tokyo keeps raising this issue, fully aware that the Russian Constitution prohibits the transfer of Russian territories to any foreign state.

Amid Kishida's statements, Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of Russia's Security Council, did not hold back from making jokes.

He sharply addressed the territorial claims of the Japanese side, stating that Russia is utterly indifferent to the Japanese people's feelings about the so-called Northern Territories. "These are not disputed territories; this is Russia," he remarked. Medvedev jokingly suggested that all offended samurais could commit seppuku.

"If they dare," Medvedev quipped.

In China, it was noted that Russia has turned up the level of irony towards its neighbor to the maximum. Russian officials had never before made such jests about Japan. If Japan takes offense at such statements, it would surprise no one.

"Medvedev's blunt remarks may anger Japan," Sina journalists believe.