'Santa Claus' Triggers Bomb Scare at Swedish Airport

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.30 - 2023 11:08 AM CET

Photo: Presse-fotos.dk
Photo: Presse-fotos.dk
'Santa Claus' triggers bomb scare at Swedish airport.

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On a Saturday morning, Swedish police mobilized a significant response following a report from staff at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm's international airport.

The alert was triggered by a potential bomb found in a bag that had been processed by security personnel.

Rebecca Landberg from the Swedish police shared details with Aftonbladet.

Suspicious Item in Question

Initially, the situation was tense as the item connected to batteries raised suspicions. "As soon as batteries were involved, we couldn't rule out it being a bomb," said the spokesperson.

However, the operation was quickly called off when it turned out that the suspicious item was actually a Santa Claus costume with batteries.

Santa Sent on His Way

Following the clarification, the costumed Santa was allowed to proceed – presumably towards the North Pole – and the police returned to their station, relieved that the incident was a false alarm.

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