Severe Rains in Kenya Result in Nearly 100 Deaths

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.29 - 2024 9:47 AM CET

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube
Nearly 100 people have died in Kenya due to flooding caused by extended heavy rains.

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Kenya is grappling with a severe crisis as prolonged heavy rains have led to devastating floods, resulting in nearly 100 deaths.

According to a report by American television channel ABC News, the capital, Nairobi, has experienced the highest number of fatalities.

Impact Across Kenya

The floods have wreaked havoc across Kenya, submerging entire neighborhoods and closing major highways, thereby disrupting daily life and travel. Kenya Railways has suspended its commuter train services due to the adverse conditions.

Over 130,000 individuals have been displaced, seeking refuge from the rising waters that have also inflicted severe damage on more than 100 schools. Some of these schools have experienced collapsed walls and roofs blown off due to the intense weather.

The floods have also caused multiple disruptions at Kenya's main airport, where flights were canceled on April 27. The runway, terminals, and cargo areas were all flooded, causing chaos in travel and transport logistics.

Regional Impact

The heavy rainfall has affected not just Kenya but other countries in East Africa since mid-March. Neighboring Tanzania reported 155 fatalities, while over 200,000 people were affected in Burundi.

The Kenya Department of Meteorology has issued warnings of continued heavy rainfall, which poses a threat of worsening conditions.

Forecasters attribute the severe weather patterns affecting the eastern part of the continent to the El Niño climate phenomenon.

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