Shocking New Details: 24-Year-Old Prague Shooter Suspected of Killing 32-Year-Old Man and His 2-Month-Old Baby

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.21 - 2023 9:45 PM CET

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24-Year-Old Prague Shooter Suspected of Killing 32-Year-Old Man and His 2-Month-Old Baby.

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The Thursday massacre at the Faculty of Philosophy in Prague may be related to a murder in the Klanovice forest. This was stated by Police President Martin Vondrášek, noting that the police are investigating this version of events.

"We are very seriously working with a version that is currently very real, that the attacker from the Faculty of Philosophy is responsible for two victims from the end of last week in the Klanovice forest," Vondrášek said at a press conference on Thursday evening according to Czech media

In the Klanovice forest on Friday, December 15, someone shot an adult and a child. According to media reports, the victims were a thirty-two-year-old man and his two-month-old daughter.

The police had been unsuccessfully searching for the perpetrator.

According to Vondrášek, insights and evidence secured at the crime scene in the village of Hostouň in the Kladno region, where the shooter's father's body was found on Thursday, led the police to this conclusion. "Until this attack, we did not know the identity of this attacker, and from the information I have, we could not have known," emphasized Vondrášek.

"I am personally convinced that Prague police officers carried out a huge number of actions over the week and that it was beyond anyone's power until today to determine the identity of the suspect," Vondrášek said, adding that there is no known connection of the potential attacker from Klanovice. "At this moment, I am convinced that they were completely randomly chosen victims by a person without any criminal past," he added.

The attacker had registered a larger number of weapons. Now the police will examine whether any of them were used in the shooting in the Klanovice forest.

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