Shop Owner Offers Unique Deal to Thief Who Stole Bottle of Rum Worth $752.

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.05 - 2024 2:33 PM CET

Shop Owner Offers Unique Deal to Thief Who Stole Bottle of Rum Worth $752.

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In a notable act of leniency, a French wine merchant has extended an unusual offer to a thief who stole a highly rare bottle of rum from his shop in late January.

The incident, which took place in the French commune of Albi, involved the theft of a bottle of rum valued at 700 euros (approximately $760), reported by Midilibre.

Vincent Raymond, the owner of the shop, described the stolen bottle as a rarity with only 400 to 500 units available throughout France. “It took us years to acquire it,” Raymond remarked, emphasizing the bottle's significance.

In an attempt to resolve the situation without resorting to legal action, Raymond turned to social media to reach out to the thief. He proposed a deal: if the thief returned the stolen bottle within a short period, the incident would be overlooked, and no charges would be pursued.

“After the theft of a bottle of rum worth over 700 euros from our store on January 30, we will publish the surveillance video in hopes of identifying you. If you choose to return the bottle to us promptly, we will disregard the incident. The choice is yours,” Raymond offered.

Raymond pointed out that thefts are a rarity in his store and expressed his willingness to move past the incident should the bottle be returned. He indicated his preference to avoid filing a complaint but stated he would be compelled to do so if the thief did not come forward by the beginning of the following week.

This approach by Raymond highlights an attempt to find a peaceful resolution to the theft, offering the thief a chance to rectify the situation without facing legal repercussions.

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